The Goal Of Education
Practical & Job Oriented Classroom
Who all can opt for our HR Courses?

Anyone who wants to make a successful career in the field of Human Resource, can join our HR Training. Any student, irrespective of his/her technical or educational background, can become part of our educational programme.

We will help you to overcome every obstacle during training and master all the concepts of HR. 
Job Seeker
Candidate who want to make their career in HR Profession and wanted to be leaders for tomorrow. And have zeal to acquire practical knowledge beyond college academics in entire gamut of HR process. 
People who want to start their own HR Firm by providing entire gamut of HR Solutions like Recruitment, Payroll processing, Compliances and T&D to their clients. 
Any Graduate – ( any disciple), MBA – HR, who are passionate about HR Profession. 
What You Will Learn in HR Course ?
We have expert trainers to provide best training to all our students. Our HR Courses cover all important topics in detail along with their practical knowledge.
Core HR, SHRM, Recruitment, Payroll Processing, Labour Laws, Form filling, Performance Evaluation, Selection, Compensation policy, etc. are all covered under HR Training.

Our trainers will ensure that all students understand these concepts in detail and have complete clarity on the subject by the end of their HR Training. 
Recruitment Process
Basically HR candidates takes Recruitment Process very easily or either they hesitate to work as a recruiter after completing their MBA-HR. It is very much true on their part because after spending lacks of rupees for academics they are getting job between 5k to 9k at initial level as a fresher because in real sense for Recruitment process it is not mandatory that you should be MBA-HR even a graduate can enter in Recruitment domain.But HR Fresher should understand that they can’t ignore Recruitment process because it is an stepping stone for a HR career they should be technically strong about Recruitment process. 
Compensation & Benefits
It needs in depth knowledge of Salary components, Laws aligned with this components and new amendments from govt. It is done on software as well as manual. Basically it is used to design CTC of an employee. It is very much important at the time of negotiation and how much Net salary (in hand) and Tax benefits your company can avail to an employee. For C&B you will be in continuous Learning process even after practical training but your basics should be strong about entire process. We have designed C&B taking various salary components used in industry verticals for practical process training. 
Labour Laws
Here where the real HR Person work starts as an Generalist. Already a MBA(HR) candidates have an conceptual knowledge about the laws from college lectures. Even if we say practical training still there is so much to explore that even Industry experts have to be in continuous learning process of amendments from central to state govt. so even if you have studied a single law and practically applied it may be change in other circumstances accordingly. So it needs in depth practical knowledge and applications. So for easy way we have divided into Initial level, Medium level and advanced level which we are covering in statutory compliances. 
Payroll Processing
Payroll processing is where all your Statutory compliances and Labor Law and Taxation knowledge is executed. It is a blend of HR and Accounts. It shows the financial statement of company as well as employee. All the HR are in messy situation in month end due to Payroll processing because there are many inter adjustment has to be done on manual basis. This is one thing were everybody is waiting on same day for same thing weather he is security guard or CEO.